Professional shampoo and conditioner designed just for your hair and finished with your favorite scent - without anything artificial.


Alonia's Nourishing B Conditioner was chosen as the best 100% natural conditioner in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023!

Alonia Eco Hair Therapy is a biodegradable and ecological hair care series designed by two hair care experts from Helsinki. Biodegradable organic shampoo is made from natural ingredients and it does not hurt the important biodiversity.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
-Albert Einstein


Hair Quiz

With the Alonia-hair quiz, you can easily personalize the right products for you with just a few questions, as if a hairdresser had chosen them for you!

The hair test gives you a personalized hair care package, which you can simply transfer to the shopping cart and the order is almost complete. In the test, you will be asked a few questions about your hair and scalp, as well as your wishes for the natural scent and the material of the bottle. The Alonia hair test is an easy way to find the right products for you when you are not sure what kind of hair care products you need. The package includes one Alonia series shampoo, one conditioner and one scent of your choice for adding to your products. (€58)

Is organic shampoo good for hair?

Hair loves plant-based shampoos and conditioners! Plant-based hair care products leave hair airy and shiny at the same time. Plant-based shampoo washes effectively but gently without disturbing the skin's own pH.

The eco shampoos and conditioners of the Alonia Eco Hair series are completely fragrance-free, but as a unique feature, you can choose your favorite scent from four aromatherapeutic scent mixes.

~Because your hair deserves the best~

"True raw food for hair!"

Development Chemist Anu Ruohosto

From each sold product we donate to John Nurminen Foundation's work to save the Baltic Sea.







It's great to find products that work for everyone! It's also great to see what the Alonia Eco Hair brand supports and communicates with its activities!

Matias 23v

I have tried numerous organic shampoos and conditioners and I have yet to find products of such high quality as these. Especially the conditioner is super good and only a small amount is enough to set the hair. In addition, the scent is a wonderful everyday boost! These will remain my standard products!

Anni 37v


"There is a wonderful idea and philosophy behind the scents of the products, which made me feel good when I used them. My hair was soft after using the products"

Marju 50v

I love your shampoo and conditioner! The smell is really nice and my hair isn’t as weighed down as with other shampoos ❤️

I also like adding the scent, it’s fun and makes it feel more special than other shampoos/ conditioners. Will have to buy the other ones.

Saara 40v


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