Biodegradable Shampoo

 Biodegradable shampoos and conditioners are part of our everyday sustainable development at its best

Most shampoos and soaps are made with antibacterial ingredients that extend their shelf life, but cause damage to the environment once they're disposed of.


Biodegradable shampoo does not contain synthetic non-degradable ingredients or microplastics.

What is biodegradable shampoo?

Biodegradable shampoos are products that have minimal or no harmful effects on the environment, unlike their common synthetic counterparts. The shampoo is biodegradable when it decomposes to nature, i.e., the product breaks down with little energy into small compounds that disappear within a reasonable time. Materials that break down by at least 60 percent in tests within 28 days are classified as rapidly biodegradable raw materials. The biodegradability of cosmetics products is guaranteed with raw materials obtained from plants, as well as the assurance that the products do not contain synthetic dyes and fragrances.

What does it mean when the detergent is biodegradable?

Biodegradable detergent breaks down in nature into tiny compounds - such as water, carbon dioxide and various mineral salts, which nature can reuse.

Biodegradable shampoo must not contain the following substances:

  • Synthetic perfumes
  • Synthetic preservatives or coloring agents
  • Petroleum-based raw materials
  • Sulfates, phosphates, silicones, parabens or phthalates
  • PEG and PPG compounds
  • Synthetic UV filters

  • Pro Luononkosmetiikka ry's Finnish guidelines for natural cosmetics define all sulfates as prohibited.

    Biodegradable shampoo is the best choice for hair, then you are helping to make the future a cleaner and safer place for the next generations to grow up.