This Is How It Works

1. Take the hair quiz. Answer questions about the condition and quality of your hair and tell about the condition of your scalp.

2. Choose the scent you want for the shampoo and conditioner, as well as the packaging in which you want your product. The algorithms of the quiz produce selected hair care products just for you.


3. You will receive a custom-made product package in the mail, just for your hair, with the scent and bottle of your choice!

Hair Quiz

With the Alonia-hair quiz, you can easily personalize the right products for you with just a few questions, as if a hairdresser had chosen them for you!

The hair quiz directs you from a link to a number of questions, where a few important questions are asked about your hair and the condition of your scalp. You also get to choose the scent you want to add to your products yourself (this is optional) and the bottle in which you want your product.

In the bottle selection section, we give you the opportunity to choose whether to put your Alonia product in a recycled plastic bottle, an ecological refill glass bottle or a refill bag. With the refill bag, you can soon fill your glass bottle (why not your recycled plastic bottle as well, of course).

Based on your answers, just the right Alonia products for your hair will be selected, after which you can return to the store with your purchase by pressing the 'Continue shopping' button or alternatively to the 'shopping cart'.

If you want to buy an Alonia Eco Hair product package as a gift for a loved one, choose the products you want from the different product modules in the DIY store!